Delaware RIver USGS

River Location Last Taken CFS Temp F
Upper East Branch Downsville 05/23/2015 02:30:00 85 N/A
Upper East Branch Harvard 05/23/2015 02:45:00 153 52
Beaverkill Cooks Falls 05/23/2015 02:45:00 180 N/A
East Branch Fishes Eddy 05/23/2015 02:15:00 453 55
West Branch Stillesvile 05/23/2015 02:45:00 241 40
West Branch Hale Eddy 05/23/2015 01:45:00 300 52
West Branch Hancock 05/23/2015 02:30:00 N/A 53
Delaware River Lordville 05/23/2015 01:45:00 974 57
Delaware River Callicoon 05/23/2015 01:45:00 1010 N/A
Delaware River Montague 05/23/2015 01:45:00 3010 N/A

Delaware River Fishing Report

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  • Ben Sheard River Report For 22-May-2015

    Posted on 22-May-2015 by Ben Sheard

    This morning is starting out on the cool side with a temp in the upper 30's. We did get a bit more water via release from Cannonsville over the last 24hrs, bringing the flow at Hale Eddy to 320 cfs and a temp of 48 degrees. The upper West at Stilesville is 240 and 40 degrees. The mainstem at the confluence is a little over 800 cfs and around 50 degrees, down at Lordville the flow is 1,010 and 56 degrees. The wind is gonna be out today and isn't going to help the fishing but you'll have to try your best to get in a location as sheltered from the wind as possible. We are seeing quite a few different bugs throughout the system and really if it's on the hatch chart you could see it out there. We are still getting a few remaining Hendricksons on the upper West as well as little BWO's, size #10 March Browns. We are also seeing some 14-16 Sulphurs throughout the system, some 10-12 Isonychia and pretty good Green Drakes the last couple days. We've had some good Drake activity the last few days so some spinners are gonna be falling soon. Lotsa' Luck

  • Ben Sheard River Report For 21-May-2015

    Posted on 21-May-2015 by Ben Sheard

    Yesterday was a pretty tough day on the local rivers with relatively cool temps for this time of year and high winds most of the day till the last hour of daylight. Today is looking much better with overcast skies, temps in the high 50's and no wind to speak of. We did get a wee bit more water today via release from Cannonsville but it was a very slight increase and the flow at Hale Eddy is 280 cfs with a temp of 51 degrees this afternoon. The East Branch at Fishs' Eddy is 506 cfs currently and the mainstem at the confluence is between 800-900 with a temp of 55. The bugs can be a mixed bag this time of year and you can see a lot of different bugs on different stretches of the rivers. On the upper West we are seeing a few remaining Hendricksons and their spinners in size 16. Throughout the system we are seeing some small 18-20 Blue Winged Olives, especially on the cloudy days. The March Browns in 10-12 have been decent on most days and the wet flies and soft hackles for them have been productive too. We have been getting some 14-16 Sulphurs with consistency, especially on the mainstem but the West Branch as well in the evenings. We have also been seeing a few Isonychia throughout the system as well. The Green Drakes have been around too and you probably want a few in your box when you head out as their aren't many flies you can substitute for a drake. Even though it's a bit cooler outside tonight we should have some spinners tonight as the last few nights weren't spinner nights. Lotsa' luck

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