Delaware RIver USGS

River Location Last Taken CFS Temp F
Upper East Branch Downsville 04/25/2015 19:30:00 51 N/A
Upper East Branch Harvard 04/25/2015 19:45:00 263 45
Beaverkill Cooks Falls 04/25/2015 19:45:00 870 N/A
East Branch Fishes Eddy 04/25/2015 19:15:00 1360 47
West Branch Stillesvile 04/25/2015 19:45:00 97 47
West Branch Hale Eddy 04/25/2015 19:45:00 468 48
West Branch Hancock 04/25/2015 19:30:00 N/A 48
Delaware River Lordville 04/25/2015 18:45:00 2840 44
Delaware River Callicoon 04/25/2015 18:45:00 3510 N/A
Delaware River Montague 04/25/2015 18:45:00 7680 N/A

Delaware River Fishing Report

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  • Ben Sheard River Report For 25-Apr-2015

    Posted on 25-Apr-2015 by Ben Sheard

    It's nice to see the sun shining brightly this morning after a pretty brutal day of snow and wind yesterday. It looks like the weather is going to be cooperative with us this week with temps above the 40's everyday. The water temps are starting out cool today with the air temps below freezing last night. The whole West Branch is very wadeable with a flow of 500 at Hale Eddy. The upper East is very wadeable above the Beaverkill with a flow of 284 and below the Beaverkill it's at 1,500 cfs. We should have good bugs all this week with the temps they are forecasting. We even saw decent bugs the last couple days with very cold weather so as the water temps warm back up this week we should see some decent surface activity. The Paraleps and small Blue Winged Olives have been coming off in decent numbers in the afternoon into evening and we are seeing a few Quill Gordons as well. The stoneflies are winding down but are still around in decent numbers so a dark elk hair caddis will be a good fly to have for them and the Chimarra caddis which are a size 18 too. Cannonsville reservoir that feeds the West Branch is ready to spill so we will have to see what does to the flow as the city is likely to release quite a bit of water in the near future. Lotsa' luck

  • Ben Sheard River Report For 24-Apr-2015

    Posted on 24-Apr-2015 by Ben Sheard

    The rivers have continued to drop over the last 24 hours as all the precipitation we got was in the form of snow, which it's still doing as I write this. The high today looks to be in the upper 30's and tonight it's gonna get to the low 20's. The flow at Hale Eddy is 600 cfs and has a temp in the low 40's. The upper East at Harvard is in the low 300's and the Beaverkill is flowing at 1,110 cfs and the lower East is 1,650. With the low air temps the temps throughout the system are starting out in the low 40's. The streamer fishing has been pretty good lately despite the cold snap and we are also seeing more and more mayflies every day. We're still seeing some Little Black Stones but the last few days we've been seeing more Paraleps in size #16-18 as well as small, size 18-20 Blue Winged Olives. If you see a larger, say size #14 mayfly, it's gonna be a Quill Gordon. If you see a few Quill Gordons try a nice wet fly of the approximate size/color as Epeorus emerge from their nymphal-shuck on the bottom of the river like a caddis fly and come through the water column as a winged-adult. We are seeing some of the Chimarra caddis in size 18-20 so keep that in mind, another good fly to use a wet to mimic if nymphing isn't your game. Lotsa' luck