Delaware RIver USGS

River Location Last Taken CFS Temp F
Upper East Branch Downsville 10/01/2014 20:30:00 98 N/A
Upper East Branch Harvard 10/01/2014 20:45:00 99 56
Beaverkill Cooks Falls 10/01/2014 20:45:00 54 N/A
East Branch Fishes Eddy 10/01/2014 20:15:00 171 62
West Branch Stillesvile 10/01/2014 20:45:00 1100 54
West Branch Hale Eddy 10/01/2014 20:45:00 1100 55
West Branch Hancock 10/01/2014 20:30:00 N/A 57
Delaware River Lordville 10/01/2014 19:45:00 1280 58
Delaware River Callicoon 10/01/2014 19:45:00 1330 N/A
Delaware River Montague 10/01/2014 19:45:00 2030 N/A

Delaware River Fishing Report

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  • Ben Sheard River Report For 27-Sep-2014

    Posted on 27-Sep-2014 by Ben Sheard

    The West is a bit higher than yesterday with a flow of 1,150 on the West and a around 1,300 on the mainstem. The action has been pretty consistent the last 3 weeks or so with pretty high flows on the West that are going to be tough to wade until we get some rain. The upper West is still pretty stained too, making some pretty good streamer conditions and then as you travel down the West the water does get clearer and clearer. The mainstem is very clear and offers the best wading opportunities in the area. The East Branch is really low and you want to watch the temps on these warmer days. We've been seeing some pretty good Cahill activity in the afternoon as well as Isonychia and Blue Winged Olives. Nymphing can be productive down on the main if you're not seeing bugs and rising fish with Iso nymphs and zug bugs as well as smaller pheasant tails for the Cahills and Hebe's. Lotsa' Luck

  • Ben Sheard River Report For 23-Sep-2014

    Posted on 23-Sep-2014 by Ben Sheard

    Well, everything on the river system is pretty much the same as the last report with some stained water coming out of Cannonsville, making the West Branch pretty tough to wade. The streamer fishing on the West has been very good, even with high sun, due to the dirty water. Up top on the West there hasn't been a ton of dry fly activity but if you find some fish rising they will readily take a fly if presented properly. The lower half of the West is seeing better dry fly fishing and water that's a bit clearer. The East branch is very low but the fishing has been pretty good over there with some pretty good dry fly fishing on most afternoons/evenings. The mainstem is still fishing well with wadeable and clear water. Cahills, Hebe's, Blue Winged Olives and Isonychia have been the bugs you'll see on any of the branches. Pheasant tails and other nymphs have been working well too. The early fall fishing has been great with minimal crowds on the river so enjoy. Lotsa' Luck

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