Delaware RIver USGS

River Location Last Taken CFS Temp F
Upper East Branch Downsville 07/25/2014 19:30:00 517 N/A
Upper East Branch Harvard 07/25/2014 19:45:00 805 53
Beaverkill Cooks Falls 07/25/2014 19:45:00 397 N/A
East Branch Fishes Eddy 07/25/2014 19:15:00 1480 61
West Branch Stillesvile 07/25/2014 19:45:00 609 47
West Branch Hale Eddy 07/25/2014 19:45:00 709 56
West Branch Hancock 07/25/2014 19:30:00 N/A 62
Delaware River Lordville 07/25/2014 18:45:00 2350 63
Delaware River Callicoon 07/25/2014 18:45:00 2510 N/A
Delaware River Montague 07/25/2014 18:45:00 4420 N/A

Delaware River Fishing Report

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  • Ben Sheard River Report For 25-Jul-2014

    Posted on 25-Jul-2014 by Ben Sheard

    We did get some rain since the last report, on Tuesday night, and as usual it did fire up the bugs and made for some good streamer water on Wednesday morning but the 1/2 inch didn't do too much damage and the river was very clear by early afternoon. The dirty water is definitely a good thing this time of year and lets us get away with a bit more when on the water. The upper West Branch, say down to Hale Eddy area, had a great Sulphur hatch by all standards yesterday afternoon. It was a hatch you don't see often with too many bugs on the water. And yes, there can be too many bugs on the water and it's pretty tough to get the fish to take yours amongst 100's of others at any given time but the fish were definitely feeding and you just have to concentrate on one fish and put your fly on his nose repeatedly, eventually the fish will make a mistake. Sometimes you can use a bigger fly and show them something different, which is good in theory and works sometimes, but lately they want what they want and that is gonna be a little Sulphur or maybe a dropper below the surface. Downriver on the lower West as well as the upper mainstem the water is great and the fishing is good too but there aren't lots of bugs midday. Blind-casting larger Isonychia and #14 Lt Cahills is productive in the moving water and the evenings are good with the same bugs and some Sulphurs as well. Generally the fish are a bit easier in these areas and that's mainly due to the Sulphur hatch itself and not pressure related. The weather has been awesome so enjoy the weekend trying your skills on the wild trout the Delaware has to offer. They're rarely easy but always rewarding. Lotsa' Luck

  • Ben Sheard River Report For 21-Jul-2014

    Posted on 21-Jul-2014 by Ben Sheard

    The rivers are still in great shape throughout the system and have just got a bit lower and clearer since the last report. For this time or year, or any time for that matter, the rivers could not be in better shape. Fishermen who know what's going on are doing very well on a daily basis, mainly on dry flies. There is not a lot of getting lucky this time of year and there are no gimmie fish. If you stand in one area all day you and nothing happens till dark except maybe a few dinks it's your own fault, the fish and bugs won't come to you. You have to be smart about how you plan your day and take advantage of all opportunities to be successful. The mornings will usually offer some rising fish, maybe a bit spread out, but they are there probably eating small spinners or terrestrials. By early afternoon the Sulphurs in size 18-20 will be hatching in good numbers in the upper West Branch around the Deposit area. Droppers off of the Sulphurs may be required if the fish are feeding sub-surface. There have been good Light Cahills in size #14 throughout the system in the afternoon hours till dark and they are nice, big, highly-visible bugs that the fish like to eat. Same goes for big #10-12 Isonychia. Enjoy the fishing while it's good as it could change any day. Lotsa' Luck

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