Delaware RIver USGS

River Location Last Taken CFS Temp F
Upper East Branch Downsville 05/30/2015 14:30:00 85 N/A
Upper East Branch Harvard 05/30/2015 14:45:00 135 67
Beaverkill Cooks Falls 05/30/2015 14:45:00 264 N/A
East Branch Fishes Eddy 05/30/2015 14:15:00 526 73
West Branch Stillesvile 05/30/2015 14:45:00 238 50
West Branch Hale Eddy 05/30/2015 14:45:00 252 61
West Branch Hancock 05/30/2015 14:30:00 N/A 71
Delaware River Lordville 05/30/2015 13:45:00 934 73
Delaware River Callicoon 05/30/2015 13:45:00 1200 N/A
Delaware River Montague 05/30/2015 13:45:00 2260 N/A

Delaware River Fishing Report

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  • Ben Sheard River Report For 30-May-2015

    Posted on 30-May-2015 by Ben Sheard

    Today started out warm and muggy with a feeling of an approaching storm. The forecast if for rain starting this afternoon through tomorrow and Monday. The temp for tomorrow is going to be much milder with a high in the low 70's, then in the low 60's for Monday and Tuesday. If the forecast holds true that will be great for all of the rivers in the area and is a dream forecast. The upper West is still very good temperature-wise but if you decide to fish the lower West, East or main check the temp. Most mornings have been offering a few rising fish throughout the system and a small spent caddis or rusty spinner usually is hard to beat. The morning nymphing has been very good as well with all of the riffs getting pretty tight with the lower water. The good nymph fisherman are doing very well throughout the day with larger mayfly nymphs, small caddis pupa and nymphs. We have still been seeing a lot of different bugs in the evening with a few lingering March Browns in 10-12, Grey Fox in 14-16, Sulphurs in 14-16, and some Drakes on the East and lower half of the West. Conditions are a bit tough now with no easy fish these days but if you put in your time there are plenty of fish to be caught. Lotsa' Luck

  • Ben Sheard River Report For 29-May-2015

    Posted on 29-May-2015 by Ben Sheard

    Today started out nice and cool without much humidity and the next few days look to be warm an then next week looks to be very cool starting Monday. The East Branch dropped quickly and is now flowing at 713 down at Fishs' Eddy. The West is still about the same at 260 cfs and 55 degrees and is 64 down at Hancock. The main is probably around 1,000 at the confluence and 65 degrees. The East has cleared up pretty well in the last 24hrs and is at a nice level and temps aren't too bad at the moment. The bugs in last evening were pretty good in most spots, slow in others. We are still seeing March Browns 10-12, Grey Fox 14-16, Sulphurs in 14-16 and Coffin Flies were pretty good last night in areas where they live like the East, mid-West - the upper main was in the 70's yesterday night so no word on that. Everyone that was out this morning did well, mostly nymphing with random mayfly nymphs and stoneflies. We should have some good spinners tonight as well as it looks to be a warm, calm evening. Lotsa' Luck

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