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Ten & Two Magazine Launch

Sam Batschelet
Posted by Sam Batschelet on 17-Aug-2010 | Posted in West Branch News

Last year Walter Hodges contacted us about writing an article on the Catskills for his new online magazine "Ten & Two". We of course were interested and he spent a few weeks with us getting to know the area. During that time I had a chance to talk to Walter about his new project. West Branch Angler & the Catskills will be highlighted in the 2nd edition of Ten & Two we are very excited to see what he has put together. If it is anything like his 1st edition it will be amazing. Here is an interview that we had with Walter.

[West Branch] So what exactly is Ten & Two magazine?

[Walter Hodges] It's a new online lifestyle and culture magazine with a foundation of fly fishing.

[West Branch] There's a lot of new online material related to fly fishing. Is this something different?

[Walter Hodges] Absolutely. The vast majority of fly fishing magazines are simply about fly fishing. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Midcurent, The Fly Fish Journal, Moldy Chum, Fly Fisherman. They're all great magazine, but the premise is basically versions of the same thing. At Ten & Two, we don't think anyone just goes fly fishing. There's a whole culture surrounding the sport. Travel, food, drink, history, culture, art, and the environment all play a part. We see it as a journey as opposed to a sport. Most magazine play lip service to the journey. At Ten & Two it's the journey we're looking for. If I ever put a picture of some person holding up a huge fish on the cover of Ten & Two, you can shoot me. I'll deserve it.

[West Branch] So you won't be doing stories on fly tying or fly rod research or techniques?

[Walter Hodges] We will do those stories, but only as the subject matter supports a journey of discovery, not as a subject in itself. Other magazines are already doing a great job of that. With the web as our media, we can layer subject matter and develop stories well beyond the normal limitations of paper magazines. We don't see it as a cheap way to do a magazine as much as we see it a means of telling a better more involved story. We will however be doing specific involved stories about environmental issues that relate to the habit we encounter. We feel this is an important part of the journey and whenever possible we'll do it in relation to a specific journey of fly fishing.

[West Branch] So your stories will be longer than normal?

[Walter Hodges] Not so much longer as more layered with more side bar stories. Each will be different. It will take longer to get through an issue of Ten & Two and there will be more reasons to re-visit it because of the variation in stories. The web is full of quick bits of information. Ten & Two will be different in the sense that you'd never gulp a glass of wine. You'd take the time to enjoy the different flavors that develop over time. In the same way, no one would hurry the approach to a big brown trout sipping on a slow moving Catksill stream. We suggest everyone slow down just for a moment.

[West Branch] Tell me about the staff.

[Walter Hodges] Currently there are six of us. Walter Hodges, the creative director, Greg Smith, the graphic designer and John VanVleet the senior editor have been involved in fly fishing magazine publication for many years. Greg was the designer of Wild Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon as well as Fish And Fly. John was the day to day copy editor at Fish and Fly. Walter has been a professional photographer for 30 years and a writer for ten. We're based in different locations around the country.

[West Branch] Who is your audience?

[Walter Hodges] It's probably a bit too early to say, but I can guess. First of all, it's anyone who loves to fly fish and prefers to go Ten & Two. Our audience is sometimes a little older. They have experienced life and know what they want. They travel. Sometimes close to home. Sometimes far away. They want to know what's for dinner and exactly how it was made. They love a good scotch, a great glass of local wine, and maybe a great cigar. They're interested in the culture, and the history of the area. They are passionate about protecting the habitat for future generations. They love four-star service and they'll just as easily sleep under the stars. They'll take some time to go to a new museum rather than pound the water just to pound it. Our audience is zealous about all the experiences fly fishing can provide. They know its not just the fly fishing and not just the fish that keeps them coming back to the sport they love.

To view the magazine click here West Branch will be featured in the next issue!

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