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Classical and Jazz Fusion Concerts

Sam Batschelet
Posted by Sam Batschelet on 26-Jun-2011 | Posted in West Branch News

July is music month at West Branch we are very excited to have the return of the West Branch classical concert series.  This year we have 3 concerts setup Saturday July 23rd, Sunday July 24th, and Sunday July 31st.  Tickets are on sale now online at http://westbranchfestival.org/performances/ or can be purchased at the fly shop as well as at the door the day of the even.  Seating is limited so to ensure you don?t miss out on the event make your purchase early. 

Introduction:To kick off the music for the month brand new this year we are hosting the 1st Annual BB3 (BB Cubed) which is going to be a night of BBQ and Jazz Fusion Friday July 22nd. The band of the night is called On the Sly a very talented group from Buffalo . We plan on having food and drinks available on site. Tickets for the event are $6.95 (music only) and can be purchased online http://www.westbranchangle?r.com/WBBB3.h...tml or $8.95 day of event.

"Featuring a multitude of repertoires, On the Sly has the ability to entertain in a vast number of contexts. The core trio of musicians have all been trained to the hilt in classical, jazz and various world styles of music. A wide range of cover material and original material makes On the Sly the perfect band for a wedding, family reunion, parties of all sizes, music festivals, restaurants, bars, clubs and community events."

For more information on the band check out there website

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