Fly Fishing 301 Schools at West Branch Angler

2018 Rates for Orvis 301 Classes:

Grandview Cabin Rates For Two People: $1,323.16

Grandview Rates for One Person: $1,196.60

Mountainview Cabin Rates for One or Two People: $1,196.60

Two Bedroom Cabin Rates for Two People: $1,490.40

Advanced and Technical Dry Fly School Details

Advanced Dry Fly School Dates: 2018 Dates Coming Soon

Technical Dry Fly School Dates: 2018 Dates Coming Soon

·  The cast will be a large part of this course.  Skillful casting is a big part of the dry fly game and if you can't cast you cant play the game.  Starting with basic lawn work to assess skills, get tips and improve your overall casting.  Learn the skill of “punching the fly/leader”, an essential skill to use with longer leaders and wind to get more precision.  Work on the reach cast, another essential skill when presenting a fly. 

·  We will work on line management/mending and feeding line.  Another set of essential skills that will be taught or fine-tuned.  These skills will focus on what will happen between when the fly lands until the fish takes the fly (or not).  We will focus on subtly regaining line after an unsuccessful presentation.  We will cover various methods of mending line, which takes place after the fly is on the water.

·  Locating and approaching a rising fish.  Starting with where to look and what to look for is where the dry fly game starts.  How and where to approach a fish in various types of water. 

·  We will go over and analyze different flies for varying types of water and times of day.  You will learn the different flies that are used on different water surfaces, why and when they work.  Tying and choosing a fly advice, which will help explain/understand why certain flies work and others don’t. 

·  Tippet, leader and line choices for specific situations.  We will focus on choosing the right fly line for your rod, appropriate leader and tippet choices for specific situations.  We will go over the advantages of a longer leader which is essential for mastering the skill of  dry fly fishing on the Delaware.

Nymphing School Details

Nymphing School Dates: 2018 Dates Coming Soon

·  We will start with choosing proper gear for the nymphing game, covering rods and lines specific to the skill.  We will also go over leader and tippet choices for nymphing.

·  We will work on the lawn and the river to gain the proper casting and lobbing skills to get the nymph rig where it needs to be.  Once the cast has been made we will focus on line management and mending.   

·  We will cover rigging for single-fly setups as well as two-fly setups along with how to incorporate other items like tippet rings and adding weight.  This portion will also cover when, where and how much weight to use along with using weighted flies.

·  We will cover reading the water and when and where to fish in these various types of water and how this affects your overall set-up (leader length, weight etc.). 

·  We will go over various strike indicators, when and how to use them.  We will also go over nymphing without indicators (high-stick nymphing).

Streamer School Details

Streamer School Dates: 2018 Dates Coming Soon

·  We will start with choosing rod, reel, line and leader choices for the varying conditions, which you can use streamers in.  Terminal tackle for the streamer game is going to be very important to overall success. 

·  We will do basic casting on the lawn and the water to learn the proper way to cast these rigs, which is very different from other fly-casting.  Both with the new “shooting-head-type” floating lines for shallow water and “sink-tip” lines for deeper water.  Focus will be placed on using an open loop type of cast and minimizing false casts. 

·  We will go over fly choices for purchasing and tying to get the proper fly for success on the Delaware in varying water conditions. 

·  We will teach students to read the water and how and when to fish the various types of water where streamer fishing is productive.  We will go over how rain and water levels will affect many aspects of the game and fly/setup choice.  

·  Lots of focus will be placed on properly stripping/working the fly, probably the biggest problem for most anglers who are struggling to be successful with streamers. 

·  We will go over the differences in fishing with streamers on foot and from a drift boat. 

*If you or your group are interested in taking part in one of these 301 courses but would like to do so on a different date please give us a call to set up you own custom 301 class hosted by our Orvis Endorsed Guides/Instructors.