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Today is looking to be mostly cloudy with highs near 60 degrees this afternoon.  The rivers are all coming down from the rainstorm we got late Thursday and early Friday.  We had some good streamer fishing reports from yesterday on both the East and West Branches.  The West Branch is a bit higher and more stained with a flow of 1,670 cfs at Stilesville and 46 degrees while down at Hale Eddy the flow is 3,400 cfs, down about 1,300 from this time yesterday.   The West is a bit more stained than the East but is pretty good for throwing streamers and will clear more as the day goes on.  The upper East Branch at Harvard is flowing at 931 cfs at 49 degrees and below the Beaverkill the flow is 2,180 cfs and 48 at Fishs' Eddy.  The main Delaware at Lordville is 7,800 cfs and 48 degrees this morning.  We are still seeing some bugs and we had some dry fly fishing on Thursday, before the rain hit.  We are seeing some #16-18 Blue Quills, #18-20 Blue Winged Olives, #12-14 Quill Gordons, #18 Little Black Stoneflies and some #18 Chimarra caddis.  Sunday is going to be  quite a bit warmer, near 70 degrees, and with the dropping water levels we are are hoping to see some fish feeding on top once again.  This coming week looks to be quite a bit warmer with most days in the 70's and we should see some pretty good bug activity.  Lotsa' Luck


Last night throughout yesterday we did get some rain and bumped up the West Branch a little. It is still unwadable on the West and will continue to be that way for the time being. The flow at Hale Eddy was 1500 cfs and 44 Degrees, Stilesville was reading 805 cfs and 42 Degrees. The West has been dropping very slow and Cannonsville is still spilling a little. The East Branch is still about the same but continues it's steady drop. The Upper East at Harvard was reading 610 cfs and 48 Degrees. Down at Fishs' Eddy it was reading 1310 cfs and 50 Degree.  The Mainstem has also been on the decline in flow the last few days and is at 3600 cfs and 48 Degress at Lordville. With the decline in water levels hopefully we will start to see some more consistence rising fish in the next few days. We have been seeing quite a few Blue Winged Olives in the #18-20 range yesterday as well as a few Blue Quills #16-18.  The small Black Stoneflies have also been out for a while in the #16-18 range and #12-14 Quill Gordons have been spotted. If you are looking for some more wadable water I recommend checking out the Upper East Branch or the Beaverkill. They have some good nymphing water now, along with dry fly and streamer fishing. Hope this helps and if you need anything else just reach out. Tightlines and losta' luck.


We did get about an hour of good rain last night before sunset and we saw more bugs yesterday than we have been seeing this spring.  The West Branch was pretty unwadeable yesterday but this morning they have cut the release back to zero cfs out of Cannonsville, bringing the upper West Branch at Stilesville to 157 cfs and downriver at Hale Eddy the flow is currently 931 cfs and 43 degrees.  With no release this is all water coming over the top of the dam which should continue for a little bit but not likely more than a few days without more rain.  The East Branch is still about the same but continues it's steady drop, bringing the upper East at Harvard to 707 cfs and 45 degrees and below the Beaverkill at Fishs' Eddy we are looking at 1,450 cfs and 51 degrees. The mainstem at Lordville is just over 4,000 cfs and is 50 degrees. With the lowering of the West Branch we should start to see an increase in the dry fly opportunity.  Simply with less water the fish are going to come to the surface more and at the lower levels the water is going to warm up much quicker during the mid-day hours.  We saw quite a few Blue Winged Olives in the #18-20 range yesterday as well as a few Blue Quills #18.  The small Black Stoneflies have also been out for a while in the #16-18 range and #12-14 Quill Gordons have been spotted.  For all of the anglers anxiously awaiting some good wading opportunities now is your time and with the rainy spring weather and the dam releases it's probably good to strike while you can.  Lotsa' Luck


Happy Easter  to everyone.  Today is starting out nice and sunny once again with high temps today in the low 80's.  The rivers are continuing their slow drop as the upper West at Stilesville is now at 1,170cfs with a temp of 42 degrees.  At that level you will be able to wade a bit and with the clear water it's going to be pretty obvious where is wadeable.  Hale Eddy is still running higher at 1,900 cfs and 41 degrees, a great level for boats and one that's getting good for fish to start to feed on the surface more.  Especially with these warmer temps we are going to have today and it looks to be well into the 60's most of the upcoming week.  The upper East at Harvard is 760 cfs and 42 degrees and below the Beaverkill at Fishs' Eddy we're looking at 46 degrees.  The mainstem is flowing at 4,340 cfs and 45 degrees at Lordville.  I've talked with a handfull of anglers this morning that did very well yesterday with our guides.  The streamer fishing was pretty good and some really nice fish were caught.  As with all types of fishing, the experienced anglers that know how to throw streamers did very well but it's gonna be tough if you're not prepared.  We are slowly seeing more and more bugs everyday and more fish rising as well.  With the current conditions we are right on the cusp of some good dry fly fishing which we all are anxiously awaiting.  We've been seeing a few of the usual mid-April suspects flying around like #12-14 Quill Gordons, #18-20 Chimarra Caddis, #16-18 Little Black Stoneflies and some small #20 Blue Winged Olives.  The rivers remain very clear and we are expecting some rain towards the end of the day but that won't affect todays fishing.  Lotsa' Luck


Another sunny day with dropping rivers looks we will have some pretty good fishing opportunities for the weekend.  We are getting closer to some comfortable wading with Stilesville on the upper West Branch flowing at 1,310 cfs and 44 degrees and down at Hale Eddy the flow is 2,090 cfs and 42 degrees.  The upper East Branch at Harvard is flowing at 937 cfs and 43 degrees and below the Beaverkill at Fishs' Eddy is flowing 1,630 cfs with a temp of 45.  We are still catching some nice fish on streamers and with the cooler water temps you have to work for each fish.  Slow and deep is going to be your best bet when streamer fishing this time of year.  We are seeing a few bugs and should start to see some more consistent rising fish any time now with the lowering water levels and increasing temps.  A few Quill Gordons, small Blue Winged Olives and Little Black Stoneflies will be seen if you're out on the water.  Tomorrow is going to be pretty warm with 80 degree temps and some cloud cover overnight so it could prove to be a good day on the water if you get finished up with the Easter morning events.  All next week looks to be warm and the fishing could get hot quick.  Lotsa' Luck


Today is another sunny spring day with temps reaching 70.  The water throughout the system has been slowly dropping and all rivers are in great shape but a bit high for wading on most.  Stilesville on the upper West Branch is flowing at 1,610 cfs with temps this morning at 39 degrees.  Downriver at Hale Eddy the flow is 2,480 cfs with a temp of 40 this morning.  The upper East is 1,240 cfs and 39 degrees and after the Beaverkill Fishs' Eddy is flowing 1,930 cfs and 42 degrees.  The mainstem is flowing at 5,670 cfs and 42 degrees.  Visibility has been great for the last week or so and the streamer fishing has been getting pretty good with some great fish being caught.  Both reservoirs feeding the East Branch and West Branch have been spilling for a while and should continue for several more days.  As the levels drop the chances of seeing some fish eating small black stoneflies on the surface will get better and better.  Blue Winged Olives and Quill Gordons should start showing up in some numbers as our water temps get into the mid 40's.  Lotsa' Luck


Another sunny day today with temps going to the mid-70's should bode well for the guys on boats today.  The streamer fishing has picked up over the last few days with the warming temps but you still have to work for every fish.  The fish being caught are very nice with bellies full of alewives that have come over the dam with the spill.  The upper West Branch is flowing at 3,560 at Stilesville and is still running cold with a temp of 32.5 degrees.  Down at Hale Eddy the flow is 4,400 cfs with a temp of 41 degrees and the mainstem is flowing at 9,620 and a temp of 43 degrees.  The upper East is flowing at 2,410 cfs and 40 degrees and below the Beaverkill the flow is 3,550 cfs and 43 degrees.  The rivers are obviously high with the spill water but are very clear throughout the system with five feet or greater of visibility.  We are still getting a few black stoneflies in size #16-18 and if you see some fish rising it's going to be in the slowest areas like back channels and along the banks.  We are supposed to get some rain starting tonight and about a 1/4" tomorrow.  Hopefully we won't get too much rain and we will see how the rivers look for the weekend.  Lotsa' Luck


Sunny skies and dropping rivers are on the forecast for today and most of the upcoming week.  The rivers are really starting to shape up and water temps will get a boost today and tomorrow with high temps in the mid-70's.  We should start to see more bugs on the water as well.  The upper West Branch at Stilesville is 3,260 cfs with a temp of 32.5 - still chilly due to the cold water coming off the surface of the reservoir where the ice is finally leaving.  The flow downriver at Hale Eddy is down to 4,340 cfs and 39 degrees.  The east down at Fishs' Eddy is 4,500 and 41 degrees and the main Delaware is 11,000 and 41 degrees as well.  All of the rivers are clear and most fishermen are throwing streamers in the slowest sections of river, trying to get down deep and slow with these water temps.  The higher air temps should really help out with the overall fishing over the next few days.  Until this week we have not had many days with temps out of the upper 30's to low 40's.  More bugs and more active fish should cause the opportunities to increase as the week goes on and we may be able to wade in some spots as the week progresses.  Lotsa' Luck


The rivers continue to drop at a steady rate and look very good at the start of today.  We've got some nice sunny skies and warmer weather in the forecast for this week.  The upper West Branch at Stilesville has finally started to drop, after the reservoir and it's incoming flows have crested, and currently has a flow of 4,330 cfs and 32 degrees.  Downriver at Hale Eddy we have a flow of 5,320 and a temp of 38 degrees.  With the warm and dry weather coming in the flow will continue to drop at a steady rate and with the release of only 43 cfs it could drop to some nice levels sooner than you think.  The upper East above the Beaverkill is just under 4,000 cfs and down at Fishs' Eddy the flow is 6,260 cfs and 38 degrees.  The mainstem is running at just under 14,000 cfs with a temp of 48.  The warming water temps we will get as the air temps warm this week will be a huge help for both the streamer fishing and to get the bugs going.  The clarity of the rivers is pretty good at the moment with over 5 feet of visibility in most spots.  Little black stoneflies in size 16-18 and some small dark caddis in size 18 will be seen in the afternoon hours.  Some anglers  are starting to fish the river out of boats so we will keep you posted. 


Today is starting out nicer than what we've had the last 4 days or so.  We've got some sun out and a high temp today in the low 50's.  Starting tomorrow the temps are going to get up to the mid 60's and low 70's for the beginning of the week.  The sun and warmer weather will really help to dry everything up and start to warm our water temps out of the 30's where they've been for the last few weeks.  All of the rivers are going to remain high and unwadeable for a while.  How long?  At least a week if we have nice weather and no rain and the forecast for this week looks good.  There will be some small black stoneflies and caddis, size #16-18, on the water on these nice days but there's a lot of water for the fish to come to the surface to feed.  The surface activity will get better and better as the water drops and temps rise.  Both Cannonsville and Pepacton are spilling and Cannonsville will spill for longer as it's at 104% capacity as of this morning.  They are also releasing quite a bit of water out of both reservoirs.  We'll keep you posted as the rivers shape up this week. 


After the all-day rain yesterday our local rivers are all running very high and pretty dirty.  Most of the rivers have crested and started to drop and should be fishable by boat in a few days as they clear up.  We should have some pretty good streamer fishing when levels do drop a bit in a few days.  The West Branch at Hale Eddy is currently 7,050 cfs and the lower East is 8,400 cfs and the mainstem is 20,500 at Lordville.  Most of the reservoirs are either spilling or are going to soon.  Cannonsville which feeds the West Branch has been spilling for a few days and will for a while.  As it's spilling they will continue to release the 1,400 cfs they have been for a while to help draw down the reservoir.  It's going to be a while until we can wade any of the rivers but if you can get out in a boat next week it's going to be a good time for streamers and big fish.  The forecast for next week look very good with temps in the 70's and dry, exactly what we need up here to dry everything as well as raise the river temps.  It looks like spring is actually going to arrive, finally!


We did get a good chunk of rain last night and currently have a break in the storm but are going to get hit again in a few hours, likely around noon.  Despite the rain the river is in great shape with 5 or more feet of visibility in most areas.  Cannonsville reservoir feeding the West Branch did start to spill early yesterday and the upper section of the West did go up a bit but down around Hale Eddy the levels have been about the same.  Currently the upper West Branch at Stilesville is 2,660 cfs with a temp of 38 and Hale Eddy is running 4,040 at a temp of 39 degrees.  The lower East Branch at Fishs' Eddy is flowing at 3,690 cfs and 40 degrees.  The mainstem down at Lordville is flowing at 9,750 cfs with a temp of 42 degrees.  There are a few anglers in boats fishing here and there, mainly throwing streamers.  With the current situation we are going to have high water for a while and fishing from a boat will be the only option for at least a week or longer.  If we don't get hammered with rain this afternoon it would be a good thing.  It's a very large chunk of rain with some breaks in it so it will be interesting how it tracks as it gets to the mountains.  


The rain we got last night did bring the river up a bit and it's starting to get a bit muddy but isn't too bad yet.  It's not currently raining but it looks like we are going to get around .7" of rain throughout the day so obviously the river is going to be high for a while and hopefully the clarity remains decent for those fishing in boats.  The West Branch at Hale Eddy did come up about a thousand cfs overnight, bringing it to 3,480 cfs.  The East is 5,500 and the mainstem is almost 10,000 cfs.  Cannonsville reservoir has risen to 97.5% capacity after the weekend and with quite a bit of water coming into the backside at Walton it's very likely to spill sometime over the next few days.  We will just have to wait and see how much rain we get today and Thursday and we will keep you posted.     


The rivers have continued to drop slowly over the last 24 hrs and all branches are in great shape as far as turbidity.  Most are that nice, deep green color you get with higher late-winter flows.  We are seeing some bugs in decent numbers during the mid-day hours.  Quite a few small stoneflies with the occasional fish poking their nose up.  Lower water and more bugs will increase the number of surface feeders but we are going to get more rain over the next few days.  On the northern faces of the mountains there is still 4-8" of snow which will likely be gone with upcoming rain.  With the current reservoir levels and the upcoming rain the current releases from the reservoirs will continue for a while, likely throughout the week.  With these water levels streamers will remain the fly/method of choice for a while.  Lotsa' Luck


Today is starting out nice and sunny, a bit nicer than the weather we had yesterday.  The rivers have all dropped a little bit overnight as well as the runoff slows a bit.  The upper West Branch is flowing at 1,410 cfs with a temp of 38 and down at Hale Eddy the flow is 2,790 cfs, down about 700 cfs from yesterday at this time.  The lower East at Fishs' Eddy is now 3,120 cfs with a temp of 40 degrees.  The main Delaware is flowing 9,070 cfs and 39 degrees.  Despite the higher water the rivers are all in great shape with good visibility.  Streamer fishing is still going to be your best bet until we get some lower water.  Fishing them as slow and thorough as possible is going to be the most productive.  Lotsa' Luck


The local rivers are all in about the same shape of yesterday with high water levels throughout the system.  The upper West Branch is pretty much the lowest water around with 1,410 cfs at Stilesville.  The West Branch at Hale Eddy is 3,400 cfs and the Lower East is 3,550 cfs.  Down on the main Delaware the flow is 11,000 cfs.  Despite the higher water all of the rivers are in great shape with a nice green tint to them.  The release from Cannonsville is going to continue into this coming week to keep a void in the reservoir to collect spring rains.  Streamer fishing is the best bet with this volume of water and fishing them slowly and thoroughly in likely-looking sections of slower water is a good game plan.  The runoff and feeder streams will continue to drop as long as it stays dry and it looks like we will get a decent amount of rain on Tuesday.   Lotsa' Luck


With all-day rain for today's forecast and the release scheduled to continue well into next week the high water is here for a while.  We have just under 3,000 cfs on the West Branch, 3,690 on the East at Fishs' Eddy and 9,700 on the mainstem.  For those looking to fish the NY portion of the West Branch tomorrow, the season opener, the river is in very good shape with a nice green color this morning.  With close to an inch of rain in today's forecast and some (approx 6") of snow on the north side of the mountains we could have a muddied-up river by the days end.  In this volume streamers fished slow, covering as much water as possible, will likely be your best bet.  The East Branch and mainstem are in the same shape, with high water but a great green color with several feet of visibility.  We will be doing regular reports from here on out as the season progresses.  

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