*We only rent boats if the water level is between 500cfs-2000cfs at Hale Eddy. No exceptions. Please monitor the water levels before your rental date to avoid surprises.

At the West Branch Angler we offer our clients a unique way to experience the river on their own terms.  We have four 2015 HYDE Low Profile drift boats available for rental.  Our drift boats can accommodate a maximum of three anglers per boat.  Our staff will drop your launch HYDE drift boat and pick it up for you at night.  All you need to worry about is arranging a shuttle for you vehicle, which can be arranged at the Fly Shop.  You will be required to let us know at least 24 hrs in advance where you would like the boat launched and where you will be taking out.  When arranging the boat rental we can help advise you on a suitable float as well as the logistics of getting to and from the ramps.  

Price is $150 / Day

 Here is a list of access points that we will allow our rental boats to use:

Barking Dog
West Branch Angler's Ramp
Balls Eddy

Ramps Unavailable for Use:

All East Branch Access
Any access point below Buckingham

Drift Boat Rental Cost Per Day:
$150.00 plus tax
**Does not Include Vehicle Shuttle**