NY State Fishing License required for all fishing on property and on guide trips.  Purchase online below.

Q: Do I need a guide to fish the river at the resort?

A: No.  Many of our guests prefer to fish on their own along the 1½ miles of the West Branch that runs through the center of our property.  We own both sides of the river and only allow guests staying with us access, which keeps the number of anglers to a minimum.  Our staff is also eager to share with you directions to the many public access points on the various rivers of the Delaware within minutes from our resort.

Q: How is the wading on the Delaware River system?

A: Generally, the rivers that make up the system are very mild to wade under normal water flows.  The river’s substrate is made up of small cobble (5-10” diameter rocks), sand, silt and the occasional larger rock.  For the most part the rivers are fairly wide without many sections of fast water that are tough to wade.  Compared to other rivers the Delaware’s rocks aren’t too slick but studs are recommended in wading boots, especially with Vibram or rubber soles.  Felt boots without studs will do just fine.  Good wading levels on the West Branch here at the resort are between 300 cfs and 800 cfs.  

Q: Can I use a spinning rod in the river?

A: No.  On our property we only allow fly fishing in the river.  We also practice zero-limit catch and release of all trout in the system.  We do have a stocked bass pond on the property where you can use a spinning rod.

Q: What is the price of a guided trip?

A:  A full-day guided trip (8-10 hrs) is $425 and a half-day guided trip (4-5 hrs) is $350.  The price is for one or two anglers.  There is a maximum of two anglers per guide.  Musky Trips are only offered for full days and the price is $460.00. 

Q: If I book a guide trip will it be a float trip or a wade trip?

A: If you book a guide trip that’s what you have done, booked a guide trip that could be a wade trip or a float trip.  Most of the time the rivers are floatable and you will drift 5-7 miles of one of the local rivers in a McKenzie-style drift boat.  Most years, sometime throughout the season, the rivers may be too low to float and you will be wade fishing with the guide.  It is absolutely impossible to guarantee that you can float.  If you are not willing to wade during a trip you shouldn’t book a guide.  No refunds or deposit transfers will be honored if you cancel a trip due to non-floatable conditions.

Q:  What is provided with the guide trip?

A: When you book a guide trip you will be provided all of the terminal gear needed to go fishing.  This includes a fly rod, reel, waders and boots.  The guide will have beverages and snacks for all trips and for the full-day trips lunch is also provided.  Leaders, tippet and flies will not be provided and are the responsibility of the angler.  These items are available for purchase in our fly shop and your guide will help you choose the proper items for the day’s trip. 

Q: Can I bring a non-fishing guest on a guide trip?

A: Absolutely.  It’s very common for anglers to bring a non-fishing guest along with them on a guide trip.  You don’t have to fish to enjoy a relaxing float down a scenic river.  Many people come along and may read a book, observe the abundant wildlife along the river, take pictures or just relax in the back of the boat and catch some rays. 

Q: Will I catch fish and if so how many?

A: This is a tough question and is never asked by experienced fisherman.  Why?  The Delaware system is a pretty technical fishery and the fish are rarely easy to catch, even for experienced anglers.  There are also many variables that can change dramatically from day to day, like water flows, sunlight, cloud cover and air temps.  All of these factors affect the fishing and are 100% uncontrollable.  All you can hope for is opportunity and the rest is up to you.  How well you do on a guide trip is usually proportionate to how good of an angler you are and how well you take instruction from the guide.  A great way to be disappointed after a trip is to go into it with unreal expectations. 

Q: What happens if it is supposed to rain the whole day during my guide trip?

A: You have good fishing.  One of the first lessons learned by any fisherman is how much better the fishing usually is in the rain, especially when compared to a sunny day.  Rain and cloud cover are what you should hope for during your guided trip.  Guided trips will never be cancelled due to the rain.

Q:  What should I bring on my guided trip?

A: Here is a short list of recommended gear to bring along if you have it. 

~A 9’ 5wt fly rod with a floating line is the most common for our waters but many anglers use a 4wt or 6 wt too.  Longer 9’6” or 10’ rods are also popular for our big waters.  We prefer to throw streamers with a 7wt rod along with some sort of sink tip line.  (You will be provided rods and reels if needed on guided trips at no charge)

~Breathable waders with studded wading boots. (These will be provided at no charge with guided trip)  Guides will have rubber mats in their boats to protect the floor.

~Hooded rain jacket, a great piece of gear to bring along even if there is no rain in the forecast.

~Flies, the guide will have some flies and you may purchase some at the shop as well but it’s recommended to bring your box along if you have one. 

~Quality polarized sunglasses are essential whether it’s cloudy or sunny.  They allow you to see into the water and more importantly provide protection for your eyes from flying hooks.

~Sunscreen or other sun protection like a Buff and sun gloves.  On the water you have twice the UV rays, those from the sun and then the reflection from the water and you can get burned even on cloudy days.

~A New York Sate or Pennsylvania (if your fishing the border water) fishing license.  These are available in our fly shop or online at New York DEC’s website.  Our resort is located on the NY region of the West Branch so you need a NY license, a PA license will not work. 

~Socks and long underwear for cold weather conditions even in the middle of summer.  It can be 90 degrees outside and the water running through the river could be in the low 40’s so be prepared. 

Q: I want to go on a guide trip but am hesitant about choosing one or being assigned one, what should I do?

A: This is a fairly common concern, especially when you are spending 10 hours on a boat with a stranger.  Our staff of office employees and guides are a close-knit group of people who have know each other for years and we all do this for a living.  One of the most important factors in assigning guides to clients is to get a feel for what the client is looking for, their experience levels and overall personalities.  Everyone is different and we understand that, for every client there is a guide that will work best for you and we are here to help set you up.