The Upper Delaware River system is made of the West Branch, East Branch and mainstem or main Delaware. These are the home waters for West Branch Angler and our river guides. Each of these rivers has it's own unique characteristics which makes for a fantastic range of fishing opportunities. Our guide staff eats, sleeps and breathes fly fishing, keeping their fingers on pulse of these ever changing rivers.  They will help you focus on the best section of water in the 70-plus miles of premium trout habitat within the Delaware system.  

Each of our guides is hand picked by the staff at West Branch as being a personable, hard-core fly-fishing expert. They are trained and certified as casting instructors by the Orvis Company and can spend the day fine tuning your double haul or tactically setting you up on rising trout. Many of our guides have been with us for more than 10 years and some over 20! Let us show you why the upper Delaware river is known throughout the fly-fishing industry as the greatest wild trout fishery on the East Coast.

Our guide services are available through the West Branch Angler from April 1 through October 31st of each season. The rivers that make up the Upper Delaware River System are challenging and offer excellent fly-fishing but you have to be on top of your game to consistently catch the wild trout that inhabit these marvelous rivers. Whether you've fly fished the Delaware river system for years or are just getting started, the best way to make the most efficient use of your fly fishing time is with one of our professional Orvis Endorsed river guides. They are experienced knowledgeable fly fishermen who are courteous, and friendly - in other words they are real pros.  

Our staff at West Branch Angler pride ourselves in setting each client up with the right guide - everyone has a unique personality as does each guide.  Give us a call and let us know a little bit about yourself and we will set you up with a guide we are confident will make the most out of your time on the water.  


Guided Trips for Wild Trout

The upper Delaware river system is widely known as "the best trout fishery east of the Mississippi".  That previous statement is a bold one and a bit subjective but those "in-the-know" will only confirm the statement.  To have 70-plus miles of wild trout in one continuous river system, free of pollution and development, this day and age is very rare in itself.  The wild browns and rainbows that call this river home are a true testament of "survival of the fittest", in other words only the biggest and the strongest make the cut.  This fishery will make you a better angler across the board, it forces you to correct any imperfections you may have with presentation and accuracy.  Basically, there aren't many "easy fish" on the Delaware.  The river offers anglers excellent hatches that start in April, carry through the entire summer and into the fall.  While fishing our river system, you will use a wide variety of techniques, including dry flies, nymphing, wet flies and streamers.  All of this will depend on conditions and weather; your guide will help you through the selection process to insure that you get on the right path.
  $425 / 1 or 2 Anglers/Full Day or $350 for 1/2 Day Trip


Guided Smallmouth Bass Trips

Not into technical summer trout fishing and still want to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of guided float trip?  Have some younger or beginner anglers you want to introduce to the sport and catch some fish?  Summer smallmouth bass trips are the perfect answer.  Our guides fish both the lower main stem and the Susquehanna River for some excellent smallmouth bass fishing.  It is not uncommon in the summer for trout conditions to get incredibly technical, and smallmouth trips offer an excellent way to break up your trip and allow you to se some new water.  If you are looking to have a great day on the water, throwing poppers and streamers, this will be a trip you will not forget.  Bass are warmwater fishes, as opposed to trout being coldwater fishes, so the warmer the air and water temp the hotter the fishing will be.  Because bass trips require warmer water temperatures things typically get heated up around the end of July.  For more information please call the shop at 800-201-2557.$425 / 1 or 2 Anglers/Full Day or $350 for 1/2 Day Trip

NY Fishing License Required for all fishing trips.  Purchase below.